Four Goal Setting Mistakes

Goal setting is an interesting process. There are several specific features that make goals attainable. Goals become “well formed outcomes” when they are stated in positives, individually driven, sensory based, and ecological. This article will help you identify where your goals may not be well formed. Here are four big mistakes that may be keeping […]

How Can Leadership Coaching Transform You?

Leadership Coaching remains widely misunderstood. Is it possible to train someone to be a leader? What about that old saw that says, “Leaders are born, not made?” Inborn aptitude isn’t necessary to become a leader-it just takes conscious effort and determination. There’s a leader in all of us. Think about it-at some point in your […]

101 Goals

One of the most exiting exercises I have done in my lifetime on my path to success and wealth was to create my 101 list. What is a 101 list? It’s a list of all the things you would like to do, be or have in your lifetime if time or money were not an […]