How to Accomplish a Goal

Do you have goals, dreams, or even simple tasks that you want to accomplish? Have you started to work on a project that may better your life in one form or another but stopped in the middle? Why is that? If you have ever asked yourself this question then I have a few simple tips […]

Quitting Bad Habits

Quitting habits are something each of us continually strive to do, whether it’s something small such as stopping biting our nails or something bigger such as quitting smoking. The most important thing to remember is that when trying to stop a bad habit you need to be thinking that you never did it, not that […]

You Can Stop Drinking Alcohol Too

The effects of taking Alcohol while on medication with even the smallest of amounts can lead to aggravating the condition. There are up to 150 different medicaments which will worsen a health condition when taken under the effects of alcohol. One example is antihistamine, whereby the consumption of alcohol will increase the sedative effect hindering […]

Leaders Must Work First And Delegate Second

It has become quite fashionable, both among leadership gurus as well as people in leadership positions, to emphasize the need to delegate. The theory behind that, while valid to some degree, is that no one individual, no matter how great a potential leader, can do it himself, and it is therefore incumbent upon leaders to […]