You Are the Dream

I put this in every email that I write, ‘Live for your Dreams everyday and watch the Miracles happen in your life’. What we need to consider is that we are already a Dream and a Miracle. A Dream and a Miracle that has come true. Give gratitude that we are the Dream and a […]

6 Traits Great Leaders Share – From A To F

Many individuals seem overwhelmed when they ascend to a position of leadership, perhaps because there are so many aspects, necessities, degrees of knowledge, requirement to possess judgment and wisdom, etc., involved. It would probably make it far easier for people to focus on being a leader if they focused on, and understood those traits which […]

The Nicotine Addiction Myth

Despite all the really bad known consequences of smoking, there’s one aspect of the act of smoking that may actually be beneficial. It’s been shown that it takes about 1-2 minutes for nicotine to go through the bloodstream and reach your brain which gives you that “relaxed” feeling. But what most smokers will tell you […]

SMART Ways of Reaching Your Goals

Setting goals comes along with the terrain for many leaders. You set possible goals by yourself, work together with your group on setting up their targets, and several of you, I know, talk with your children on laying down ambitions. In the end, in a single form or some other, setting objective is the exercise […]

The 20 Pound Penalty

Motivation is the building block of every weight loss program known to man or woman. Whether you are on the south beach, Atkins or the master cleanse diet, in order to reach your desired weight you have to stay the course of the weight loss plan. So why do people go on diets in the […]