Are You a Leader?

Having designed leadership workshops for businesses, I’m always amazed at the bias toward leadership qualities. According to various studies, most of them agree that leaders are born, not made. If I really believed that, I’d just tell corporate America not to bother with leadership development workshops; just send out talent scouts to find those leaders […]

The Importance of Dreaming Big

As children, we all had our own big, crazy dreams for the future. Some may have wanted to become the first astronauts to land on Mars, while others wanted to end all wars and achieve true world peace. But where have those big dreams gone? As we grew older, looked at those old dreams and […]

5 Leadership Lessons From Captain Kirk

While the original Star Trek television series ran for only 79 episodes from 1966 to 1969, it has remained one of the most popular television franchises in history. Central to its popularity is the character of Captain James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner originally, and then by Chris Pine beginning with the 2009 movie. […]

Scientific Thinking for Goal Achievement

In 1921, author Henry Hamblin coined the term “Scientific Thinking” in his book “Dynamic Thought”. From that time to today, much has been written about the importance of directing your mind to bring about specific outcomes. Interestingly, many people are under the erroneous impression that they effectively control their minds and so don’t need any […]

Counseling For Drugs Addicts

Your first inclination might be to get angry when you find out your teen is using drugs. This a normal reaction, but please know that anger and yelling will just turn your teen’s ears to the “off” position. You need to let your teen know you care about them and that you just want the […]