Leaders Must Work First And Delegate Second

It has become quite fashionable, both among leadership gurus as well as people in leadership positions, to emphasize the need to delegate. The theory behind that, while valid to some degree, is that no one individual, no matter how great a potential leader, can do it himself, and it is therefore incumbent upon leaders to […]

Practical Tips to Locate the Right Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Center

Outpatient alcohol treatment centers cater to patients that require rehabilitation care but do not need close monitoring or 24-hour medical assistance. Outpatient alcohol rehab programs are best suited for alcoholics with mild to moderate drinking problems. These facilities offers rehab programs and treatments that can be fitted in the patients’ lives without causing too much […]

The DWI Court Is Not Friendly

The consensus from studies drawn from the arrest data from the DWI court show that about 50% of the offenders are in fact abusers of alcohol; about 35 are social drinkers and the remainder fall in between the two levels. The large majority of drunk drivers arrested in any given year may not have been […]

Are You a Leader?

Having designed leadership workshops for businesses, I’m always amazed at the bias toward leadership qualities. According to various studies, most of them agree that leaders are born, not made. If I really believed that, I’d just tell corporate America not to bother with leadership development workshops; just send out talent scouts to find those leaders […]

The Importance of Dreaming Big

As children, we all had our own big, crazy dreams for the future. Some may have wanted to become the first astronauts to land on Mars, while others wanted to end all wars and achieve true world peace. But where have those big dreams gone? As we grew older, looked at those old dreams and […]