Six Goal Setting Techniques

Six Goal Setting TechniquesIn your life you have successfully completed many of the ventures that you have set your sights upon. So why do you need to set goals?

A goal is an idea. It is defined as anything towards which effort or movement is directed. You are already on a successful path; goals help you to navigate your journey. Through your goals you are able to direct how you express yourself, focus your energy, and experience desire. Through goals you are able to convey your individuality and demonstrate patience. Goals are abundant and infinite, you are free to set, accomplish, and let go of as many as you desire.

Just because a goal is set, does not mean that it has to be completed. You may start the journey towards a goal and along the way find a new and exciting path to follow. Be ever watchful and careful to discern that your goals are taking you on a journey that brings you happiness. Never allow outside influences or internal walls to stop you from accomplishing your goals.

Different Types of Goal Setting Techniques

1. Defined Goals

This goal setting technique is driven by long term internal desire, enthusiasm, and purpose. It usually requires a ten year plan with clearly defined monthly and yearly goals. This is an effective technique for those with established long term goals and for detailed planners.

2. Developing Goals

Pick a direction that seems interesting and start heading towards it. On your journey, follow your instincts and allow your goals and direction to change whenever new and more interesting ideas develop. This ever-changing goal setting technique is perfect for the “big picture” thinkers because it doesn’t require a lot of detail.

Remember, even though your goal or direction may change, a goal that develops along the way keeps one moving forward.

3. Storytelling

Once upon a time in a land far, far away…. When we don’t feel like we can accomplish a goal, it can be hard to say that we can. Using storytelling as a goal setting technique can help you to suspend reality just long enough to dream big enough to set the goals that you are destined to accomplish.

4. Quick and Clever Goals Each day we make choices that propel our lives in different directions. This goal setting technique simply asks that when you are faced with a choice, you choose the direction that moves you towards accomplishing your long term goals and dreams.

5. Goals in the Interim Life is not always certain. Sometimes what seems important can change with the days of the week. When you are not in a place to plan very far ahead, it is important to set your goals day by day and get through the week. As you move forward the chaos will pass and you can start setting longer term goals.

6. Stagnant Goals There is nothing worse than banging your head against a wall repeatedly. If the tasks that you are completing are not bringing you happiness, you may need to re-examine your goals. This process can be difficult; when you have invested a considerable amount of time and emotion towards a failing endeavor, it can be hard to refocus your energy. Try using the Storytelling technique to suspend reality and dream about a new and exciting adventure.